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Undergraduate Certificate in Facial Care Fundamentals

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About this Qualification

This Higher Education qualification explores the fundamentals of human skin biology, and the products and treatments used in the broader skincare industry to maintain healthy skin and slow or prevent negative outcomes of the ageing process. You will learn a solid foundation in skin biology and cosmetics, enabling you for work in the dermal therapy industry, and is the first step towards a Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics).

Course Duration:

Up to 26 weeks

Course Delivery:

Blended delivery with online learning and practical workshops

Total Subjects:

4 subjects (worth 10 credit points each)

Next Intake:

July 20th, 2020 – applications now open.

Payment Options:

– FEE-Help is Available
– Upfront Payments


Course Content

The undergraduate certificate includes units in 3 streams, giving students knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Applied Health Science
  • Human Biosciences
  • Clinical Aesthetics Practice

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Admission Requirements

To gain entry to the Australasian College of Health and Wellness, you must demonstrate your ability to manage the academic rigours of a tertiary course, especially in terms of your academic study and time management skills.

You are able to demonstrate your ability by completing an Academic Study Skills Test or by any of the following:

  • Completion of a Higher School Certificate (or equivalent) with an ATAR of 65 and above
  • Completion of a tertiary qualification of Diploma or above
  • Satisfactory completion of an approved Tertiary Preparation Program, Tertiary Orientation Program, or a Foundation Year Program offered by a University, an accredited higher education provider, or a Registered Training Organisation

AHS101: Integumentary System

This subject introduces students to the complexity of the ‘integumentary system’, the skin and related appendages including nails, hair, glands, and proteins and the variety of mechanical, thermal and environmental impacts that affect the ageing process and general health and functioning of the skin.

There are no prerequisites for this subject.

HBS101: Human Structure and function 1

This subject introduces students to the wonders of the structure and function of the human body, including an overall introduction of the major body systems, the fundamentals of biochemistry that govern how body components, the structure and function of the communication systems such as the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, endocrine system and the immune system, and an overview of the reproductive system.

There are no prerequisites for this subject.

CAP101: Introduction to Clinical Practice

This is an introductory subject providing students with opportunities to participate in a learning environment that delivers both a theoretical understanding and practical application of the consultation process utilising both aesthetic and medical classifications and analysis in forming a comprehensive consultation. This subject explores therapeutic communication styles in gaining client history and appropriate record keeping within a practice, and the fundamentals of professional skin care as a base for further clinical aesthetic practices.

here are no prerequisites for this subject.

AHS202: Cosmetic Chemistry

This subject considers the theories and practices associated with the cosmetic ingredients used in aesthetic practice via the scientific field of cosmetic chemistry, while contrasting this against the marketing ‘hype’ and language often used to promote cosmetic and related products and services. Students will be exposed to the classifications of raw state ingredients and their use in finished products.

There are no prerequisites for this subject.