Stand Out in a Growing Industry

The Health Science and Aesthetics industries are projected to grow by up to 6.6% annually through 2026, providing great opportunities for practitioners to build their careers. Studying at ACHW will help you stand out from the crowd with:

Higher Education from a Leading Provider

There are no qualifications in Australia that will set you apart like a degree from ACHW. The recognition you will receive through studying with ACHW will dramatically increase your employment options, as well as give you the confidence of knowing you are an expert in your field.

Diverse Faculty of Experts

ACHW’s faculty, led by Australia's only Professor of Aesthetic Sciences Terry Everitt, is made up of qualified and respected experts in Health, Wellness, Science, Education, Aesthetics, Business Administration, and Digital Marketing. This ensures that our students gain a truly comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for all elements of working in the Health Science field.

Achievable and Meaningful Learning

You are seeking to make a difference in your career and in the lives of your clients; choose the provider who ensures your learning is both achievable and meaningful.

Online Learning and Authentic Clinic Experience

Our unique delivery mode ensures you can balance your study with the other commitments you have in your life. Learn the theory of dermal therapy and health science through our online learning platform, before attending dedicated clinic blocks that provide hands-on expertise with real clients.

Dedicated Student Support

To ensure you make the most of your study, you will be supported by a dedicated network of advisors and peers.
Your Academic Learning Advisor will assist with academic and writing skills, a peer mentor will provide industry advice and study tips, while an assigned student mentor will coordinate study groups, assist with study, and create interactive spaces for you to catch up with your peers.

Unmatched  Benefits  

You will also receive one year of free membership to the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN), the fastest growing member-based professional organisation in the Australian aesthetics industry.

Our degree students receive unlimited access to short courses from the Australian Institute of Management (AIM).
Gain the skills required to successfully run your own business through courses in Digital Marketing, Leadership and Strategy, Finance, Communication and Human Resources.

    Accessible Study Opportunity

ACHW strives to ensure that cost is not a barrier to your study, which is why we offer:

Scholarship Programs

You're committed to building your career success with knowledge of advanced dermal science and practical therapies. The Australasian College of Health and Wellness is committed to ensuring everyone deserving and dedicated can access our premier higher education programs with five scholarships:

Registered Nurses

For nurses looking to supplement their existing experience with a comprehensive health science education.

Future Leaders of Industry

For current industry workers seeking deeper scientific knowledge and additional practical capabilities.

Industry Newcomers

For those who want to turn their passion for dermal therapy and clinical aesthetics into a successful career.

Indigenous Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is built for Indigenous Australians who are highly motivated to further their careers in the field of Dermal Therapy and Clinical Aesthetics..

Men in Aesthetics Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to help foster diversity in the Aesthetics Industry by supporting the dermal therapy education of men.



ACHW is able to offer FEE-Help to any and all students who meet the eligibility requirements, which can be used to fund all or part of your degree. You can learn more about FEE-Help loans here: www.achw.edu.au/fee-help.    

To see whether you are eligible for a scholarship program or FEE-Help, either book a consultation to speak directly with an Admissions Manager at a time that best suits you or begin your application online.


Exclusive Gold Card

ACHW students undertaking a Bachelor or Associate Degree program are given an exclusive Gold Card. This provides them access to unique and significant benefits that help them stand out from their peers, including:

1 year’s free membership to the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN)
Access to over 80 free Short Courses run by the Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

Training from AIM covers essential business areas such as Finance, Digital Marketing, Communication, and Leadership and Strategy. These courses are the ideal complement to your main study and will provide the comprehensive education needed to succeed.

Whether you are want to better communicate with clients, be a stronger manager, or learn how to run your own business, ACHW can help you get there.

See the full list of Short Courses

Read the ACHW Gold Card terms and conditions