Policies and Procedures

Academic Integrity and Honesty Policy
AI Generated Text Guidelines
Assessment and Examination (including Reassessment) PolicyProcedure
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Framework
Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination PolicyProcedure
COVID-19 and External Clinic Attendance Guidelines Policy
Credit & RPL Policy Procedure
Critical Incident PolicyProcedure
Domestic Enrolment, Deferral, Withdrawal and Refund Policy Procedure
Domestic Selection and Admissions PolicyProcedure
Domestic Student Support Framework
External Clinics Policy Procedure
Freedom of Intellectual Inquiry and Expression Policy
Graduation and Awards Certification PolicyProcedure
Health, Safety and First Aid in the Workplace PolicyProcedure
Infectious Disease and Infection Prevention and Control PolicyProcedure
Managing Student Academic Misconduct Procedure
Managing Inappropriate Student Behaviour Procedure
Privacy of Student Information and Records PolicyProcedure
Sexual Assault and Sexual Harrassment PolicyProcedure
Social Media PolicyProcedure
Statement of Tuition Assurance
Student Assistance and Consultation on Academic Matters PolicyProcedure
Student Code of Conduct Policy
Student Diversity and Equity PolicyProcedure
Student Grievances and Complaints PolicyProcedure
Student Progression and Support PolicyProcedure
Student Use of ICT Services PolicyProcedure
Third Party PolicyProcedure

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