Support Services

ACHW offers a range of support services to assist students from diverse backgrounds in balancing work and study commitments and meeting academic goals.


We have a range of scholarships available to provide some financial support whilst achieving your study goals.

Student Support

Our in house Student Support team provide non-academic support to students throughout their journey with ACHW:

Our Retention and Progression manager offers personal support throughout your study journey including what and how many units to select, LMS assistance, adjustment needs, and progression advice. Contact Julian:

Academic Support

ACHW students have free access to the Academic Study Skills Unit. This unit is particularly helpful for those who are returning to study after an extended absence or those who do not hold an undergraduate degree.  

The unit contains useful study techniques and provides information on academic writing, referencing and argumentation.  

To be enrolled into the Academic Study Skills Unit, or to get more information, contact the Academic Learning Advisor:

Further study resources including planning, self-care, and assessment preparation can be accessed on the Learning Management System for enrolled students.

Assignment pre-submission feedback can be obtained by Studiosity and the Academic Learning Advisor who also offers personalised support and advice around your study.

Facilitators can provide support as part of the unit they deliver. Refer to the Student Assistance and Consultation on Academic Matters Policy and Procedure.

Student Counselling

ACHW has a partnership with a Student Assistance Program called Access-EAP which provides students with a confidential and professional counselling service, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Students who are feeling overwhelmed with their study load, facing procrastination and / or finding it difficult to maintain a healthy work, life and study balance my benefit from this service.

As a student of ACHW, you are entitled to two free sessions per year. You may access Access-EAP through the Learning Management System.

Other Mental Health, Counselling, Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment, and Support services are also available on the learning management system here: Support Services.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support

Please see: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Framework.

Please contact student support for further information:

Disability and Accessibility Services

Student Access Plan: The Student Access Plan is developed for ACHW students with a disability or health condition that impacts their studies. The Access Plan identifies additional support in line with the ACHW Student Diversity and Equity Policy and Procedure to promote equal educational opportunities. 

ACHW Student Access Plan: Template
ACHW Student Access Plan: FAQ

Please contact student support for further information: