How to Apply - Australasian College of Health & Wellness (ACHW)

Applying to study with the Australasian College of Health and Wellness (ACHW) is simple.

Complete the online application form.

We’ll then contact you within 2 business days to inform you of the outcome of your application.

Entry into the degree programs

1. Interview

a. All applicants will participate in an interview which may be over the
phone or in person. The aim of this interview is to:

  • i. Determine your study and professional goals
  • ii. Determine your suitability for the course (e.g. review your academic
    study skills)

2. Academic Study Skills

To gain entry, you must demonstrate your ability to manage the academic
rigours of a bachelor degree, especially in terms of your academic study
and time management skills.

Evidence to demonstrate these includes:

  • Completion of a higher school certificate with an ATAR of 65 or above
  • Completion of a tertiary qualification of Diploma or above

We will also consider any other documentation which demonstrates your
academic and time management skills including from formal studies,
workplace activities or research.

If you are unable to demonstrate your academic study skills, you may be
required to complete an Academic Study Skills Test.

3. English Language Proficiency

You may be required to demonstrate your English Language Proficiency which
must be at least:

  • Equivalent of IELTS 6 (no band score below 5.5)

4. Age

  • You must be over 18


Other pre-requisite skills and knowledge

Industry Skills


Conditions of Study

There may be other requirements of the course which we need to address
before you start:


If you have completed a SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy, you will
receive credit for AHS101 Integumentary System, CAP101 Introduction to
Clinical Practice.

Otherwise, you may apply for exemptions from units in the course based on
your previous experience. Please complete the Recognition of Prior Learning
Form available on the website.


If you have a disability which may affect your ability to successfully
complete the course, please let us know. You may have to provide a doctor’s
certificate or similar evidence.

Evidence Requirements

Only submit certified copies (not originals) of your
qualifications (e.g. testamur and academic transcripts, certifications and
statements of attainment). ‘Certified’ means a photocopy signed by a
Justice of the Peace or any other authorised person.

Documentation and artefacts submitted as evidence of meeting the academic
study skill requirement or any of the conditions must be current, authentic
and accurate.

This evidence must clearly demonstrate that you meet the requirements and
can include:

  • References from employers (including position descriptions)
  • Documents or artefacts you have created as part of your work or recent