Policies & Procedures

The Associate Degree in Applied Health Science (Dermal Therapy) and the Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics) aim to underpin current aesthetics practice with a new standard of skills and deeper knowledge gained through a combination of science and clinical practice.

Academic Integrity and Honesty Policy
Access, Equity, Support and Special Needs Policy
ATSI Student Support Framework
Credit & RPL Policy
Critical Incident Policy
Deferral, Withdrawal and Refund Policy
Domestic Selection and Admissions Policy
Domestic Selection and Admissions Proceedure
External Benchmarking Policy
Freedom of Intellectual Inquiry
Graduation and Awards Policy and Procedure Policy
Student Grievances and Complaints Policy
Student Grievances and Complaints Procedure
Managing Student Academic Misconduct Procedure
Privacy Policy
Scholarly Activity Policy
Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying Policy
Sexual Misconduct Policy
Student Code of Conduct
Student Consultation Policy and Procedure
Student Progression and Support Policy
Student Progression and Support Procedure
Work, Health & Safety Policy

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