AHS202 Cosmetic Chemistry

Unit Description

This unit explores the theories and practices associated with cosmetic ingredients and skincare formulations used in aesthetic practice via the scientific field of cosmetic chemistry. The marketing ‘hype’ and language often used to promote cosmetics and related products and services are scrutinised and contrasted against scientific principles of cosmetic chemistry.

Cosmetic chemical classifications, functions, individual ingredients and finished products will be discussed and evaluated, providing the student with evidence-based cosmetic chemistry knowledge to differentiate from the many myths and hype in cosmetic products and use.


There are no prerequisites for this unit.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit the student will be able to:

Graduate Attributes (GA)

In addition to the unit-specific learning outcomes listed above, the following graduate attributes are taught, developed and assessed in varying degrees within this unit:

Key Dates

Week 1 Semester commences
Post Week 6 Mid-Semester Break
Week 8 Assessment 1 Examination 25%
Week 13 Assessment 2 Product development 25%
Template to use in the week 6 material
Weekly Assessment 3 Weekly quiz (except Week 8) 10%
Week 14 Assessment 4 Examination 40%