CAP102 Dermal Therapy 1

Unit Description

Clinical practicum CAP 102 Dermal Therapy 1 provides an opportunity for students to participate in a clinical learning environment that seeks to provide both theoretical understanding and practical application of basic resurfacing skin resurfacing techniques (chemical peeling and microdermabrasion), as well as light-based hair reduction.

Students will develop critical thinking from evidence-based knowledge in reviewing patient history and presentation and formulation of appropriate chemical peeling and/or microdermabrasion treatments for predictable outcomes in clinical practice. This unit will develop students’ knowledge and use of the various chemical peels used widely in a clinical setting, which includes the knowledge of chemical structure and application techniques appropriate for intended outcome.

Additionally, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of laser and intense light sources, basic laser safety, and how this technology is safely applied in light-based hair reduction.


There are no prerequisites. Content in this unit is taught so that students with no previous experience in clinical practice will be able to understand the material.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit the student will be able to:

Graduate Attributes (GA)

In addition to the unit-specific learning outcomes listed above, the following graduate attributes are taught, developed and assessed in varying degrees within this unit:

Key Dates

Week 1 Semester commences
Week 5 Assessment 1a: Quiz 1 (5%)
Week 6 Assessment 2: Practical demonstration (25%)
Post Week 6 Mid-semester break
Week 12 Assessment 1b: Quiz 2 (5%)
Week 13 Assessment 3: Practical demonstration (25%)
Week 14 Assessment 4: Examination (40%)