HBS301 Stress, Ageing and the Skin

Unit Description

HBS 301 Stress, Ageing and the Skin introduces students to the contemporary theories and research regarding ageing and stress and its effects on the human body, specifically the skin. Students gain an understanding of the normal ageing process and examine current technologies and treatments used in the mitigation of the demonstrable signs of the ageing process and the maintenance of health. This unit also examines stress as the basis to the emerging epidemic in contemporary society and considers alleviation strategies. Students will engage with contemporary research in molecular genetics and the emerging field of epigenetics and gain an understanding of the potential future applications of longevity medicine and its impact on society.


HBS201 Pathophysiology is the only named prerequisite for this unit, however students are expected to have undertaken the 101 and 102 units relating to human structure and function and pathophysiology.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit the student will be able to:

Graduate Attributes (GA)

In addition to the unit-specific learning outcomes listed above, the following graduate attributes are taught, developed and assessed in varying degrees within this unit:

Key Dates

Week 1 Classes commence
Post Week 6 Mid-semester break
Week 7 Assessment 1: Examination (25%)
Week 11 Assessment 2: Written Paper (35%)
Week 13 Exam study week
Week 14 Assessment 3: Essay (40%)